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We are already rockin' with lots of marginals, lilies and lotus in stock and ready to go. As soon as it warms a bit more, we will bring in the tropical lilies including night bloomers. Fish are coming in good and the Japanese shipments have been very colorful and healthy. Lots of new things to look at so please stop by!!!

Caranne has the new lotus instock and they are ready to go!!!

We will send out our annual " Get your pond ready " email in the next week or two.!!



Do not use the kcpond1557@att.net any longer!!!


We also have a list of "reliable, honest" pond partners that we have dealt with since our time here and previously at the "other" pond store so please check out the new page for additional information. We look forward to seeing all of you again this year as we begin a great new season!  Thanks John and the crew!!

  We look forward to serving you in 2013 with an even larger selection of products and services including new pump lines, an expanded selection of Aquascapes products, new foods, and a much larger inventory of all product lines including Koizyme medications,Hampton Fountain Pumps, Laguna Pumps, Pressure Filters and many other products

We will expand our fancy goldfish selection and it should be the largest in the metro area. We believe these fancy Orandas and other breeds of ornamental goldfish will be great additions for new pond customers who may want a smaller 'deck pond' . These will be extremely popular again this year and we are excited to offer them. We have brought in Aquascapes Patio Ponds which will work great for these goldfish!! We will also have an even larger selection of 'true' imported Japanese koi. We will expand our lily and lotus selection along with many other types of water plants.







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APRIL 1ST ,2014

Sundays closed

  Monday Thru  Fri. 10-6

Saturday 10- 3

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